December 3rd 2005 proved to be an important date where in conjunction with the Montreal Kyoto Protocol talks, worldwide meetings were held regarding global warming and its effects. Turkey was no exception, and there were simultaneous gatherings in eight cities regarding global warming and the effects of climate change.

The meeting that was held at Istanbul was one of many “world global warming action day” initiatives. In fact it was the first of its kind in Turkey, where the underlying theme was a global environmental issue. Attendees walked from Haydarpasa Numune Hospital to Kadikoy Iskele Center. Some of the protests and shoutings relayed were “another world is possible”, “this world can suffice us”, “Bush sells oil, world boils”, USA don’t litter the planet” “STOP Global Warming”. The event cheerful and peaceful, ended with a declaration of the importance of global warming, calling people to understand the consequences and show their reaction.  

Through our cameras, we tried to relay the essential meaning of the meeting, the social responsibility side of it, the sincereness of the attendees and their sharing of common thoughts on the issue. We tried to record the event and its underlying theme for those who could not be present that day and for many whom did not have a chance to hear about it. This important event though did appear in the media, was unfortunately not the most hot topic in TVs nor the press.

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